Can REP Software Be Rented On A Short-Term Basis?

27 May 2020

short term REP software

In the hydrocarbon exploration and production field, being able to calculate reserves, and to understand how certain the calculation is likely to be, is at the core of successful oil and gas developments.

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Logicom E&P’s REP Software

Logicom’s Resource Evaluation Programme (REP) assesses likely volumes of oil and gas and the chance that they will be discovered. It has been developed by geologists and geophysicists in the field, with careful consideration of the user interface, the process of estimation, and the quality of the report output.

Ordinarily, businesses involved in hydrocarbon exploration and production will buy a perpetual license for REP. However, at Logicom E&P, we recognize that short-term rental of REP may be beneficial for some organizations, so we can offer a flexible approach that harmonizes with the needs of your business.

The Benefits Of Short-Term REP Software Rental

Renting our REP software on a short-term basis is particularly beneficial for start-ups or businesses with short-term needs. Hydrocarbon exploration carries a considerable degree of uncertainty; consequently, long-term business strategies are less easily defined. Short-term REP rental is also suited to consultancies who provide expert advice in the field on an occasional, time-limited basis, and who do not have a constant need for the software. For these companies, the expense of a long term contract does not offer the same value as a shorter-term commitment.

Short-term rental, therefore, offers these types of businesses greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness, rather than tying them into a long-term arrangement that will define their goals instead of working in tandem with them.

Logicom E&P: For Short-Term REP Rental

For more information about our REP platform, please download our free REP brochure by [clicking here]. Alternatively, simply get in touch with one of the experts who will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

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