Logicom And Glex Collaborate To Transform Prospect Evaluation Workflows

13 May 2024

Employee working with Logicom And Glex collaborate to integrate the Glex Energy prospect inventory with the REP evaluation tool

Logicom E&P Ltd is excited to announce a new collaboration with Glex AS, developer of the Glex Energy platform, to further enhance the industry-standard REP Resource Evaluation Programme.

The first goal of the collaboration is to integrate the Glex Energy prospect inventory with the REP evaluation tool. Initially, users will be able to create and store their analysed prospects from REP in the Glex Energy inventory and easily go back and forth between the two applications.

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The next goal is to leverage the integration, filtering, analysis and visualization capabilities of Glex Energy, which consolidates data from a wide variety of sources, to facilitate the definition of geological input data to be used in new REP evaluations.

In the future, the collaboration intends to develop a new set of portfolio evaluation tools to analyse suites of prospects together, to better understand the potential and uncertainty in basins, areas, portfolios, plays etc.

“I am excited by the possibilities this new collaboration can open up for our common users”, says CEO in Glex AS, Andrew McCann. “Explorationists need easy-to-use tools which feed complete workflows with trusted data and evaluations, and we believe this combination of Glex Energy and REP can really provide that”.

Joe Pumphrey, MD of Logicom E&P, agrees. “The combination of advanced portfolio analysis tools, modern visualization in both GIS and data space and user-friendly workflows will transform the exploration environment.”


Logicom E&P Ltd. has been developing and supporting oil exploration software for over 35 years. Our flagship resource evaluation tool REP is used around the world, and is a standard in the industry. Designed and developed by explorationists and engineers, its focus is on the validation, consistency and understanding of resource uncertainty estimates. Particular care and has gone into the user interface, and the way the programme guides user teams through the estimation process and presentation and communication of results. The consolidation module within REP allows the relationships between prospect groups to be properly assessed and aggregated. There are modules for unconventional resources and CO2 sequestration estimates.

Glex AS has developed a suite of tools enabling new integrated digital workflows within oil and gas, renewable energy, CCS and seabed mining. By leveraging gaming technology to make large collections of public, 3rd party and proprietary data easy-available to more users, Glex supports collaborative decision making.

Glex Energy is a data-driven collaboration tool, enabling the discovery, integration, visualisation, analysis and sharing of data and information from a variety of public, 3rd party and proprietary sources. Users from the exploration, business development and other energy communities can easily work with multiple map and well-based data sets to generate and analyse assets and opportunities efficiently.

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