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Software evaluations are rarely easy. If the program you are looking for is comprehensive in scope and complex in data manipulation there is rarely enough time to get properly comfortable with a decision, especially if you are looking at alternatives. And the wrong decision can be expensive, both financially and professionally.

Our experience through 2020 has brought the issue of evaluation into sharper focus. A significant number of our evaluators last year were consultants setting up as independents or forming start-ups. Evaluation in this case means more than just making the correct product choice. Users also need enough time to become competent operators of the software. That can be difficult to do in just a month.

With this in mind we have re-structured our evaluation procedure. New evaluations will be essentially unconstrained, with full support for the first 30 days (which usually enough time to get most people up to speed). Beyond this, and subject to mutual agreement every 30 days, the licence will be extended until a decision to purchase (or not) is made. The only important constraint is that the program should not be used commercially in this time without prior agreement.

We hope that this arrangement will provide a foothold for geoscientists who may be resetting their careers as independent contractors.

We also have attractive licensing deals that will provide flexibility beyond the evaluation. Please contact us at support@logicomep.com for more details or complete the below form.

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