LogIC: NMR Data Analysis Software

31 July 2020

LogIC: NMR Data Analysis Software

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) logging is a common feature of many modern logging suites, and thanks to advances in logging hardware deserves to be standard. Despite this, software that can properly interpret NMR data is still not routinely available, posing problems for those working in the field, and restricting a company’s ability to maximise value from NMR logs.

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Logicom’s LogIC data analysis suite is one of only a very small number of software applications that boasts full NMR log interpretation, and the only one that combines geological reasoning and NMR core analysis data in its interpretations. LogIC has been designed by geological experts with a focus on speed, quality of output and flexibility, making it the ideal tool for understanding your NMR log.

The benefits of LogIC include:

  • The ability to handle data from multiple sources, including modern multi-frequency and LWD tools. Depth logs and stationary measurements are handled equally.
  • Advanced data quality control checks and tools.
  • Multiple inversion algorithms both to handle “difficult” logs and to provide confidence in the inverted data.
  • As well as inversion for T2, and T1 LogIC will provide 2D and 3D maps for fluid analysis and other advanced techniques
  • A full suite of standard and novel methods to manipulate data in both the time and decay time domains. The emphasis is not only on getting results but also on providing tools for validating them, thus increasing their value.
  • Core data from NMR lab measurements can be imported and manipulated, allowing it to be calibrated and validated – improving confidence in your NMR data.

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LogIC is an intuitive analysis, display and petrophysical platform for professionals working in oil and gas exploration. For more information and to discover how our NMR Data Analysis Software could benefit your business, please download our free LogIC brochure. Alternatively, please contact one of our experts directly, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions in person.

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