Interactive Remote Training Is Now Available From Logicom E&P!

18 June 2020

Interactive Remote Training Is Now Available From Logicom E&P!

At Logicom E&P, we’re experts in developing, providing, and supporting oil exploration software, and we’ve been at the forefront of our industry for over 25 years. Our platforms include REP – the industry-standard resource evaluation software and LogIC – our petrophysical software. We also custom-build programs to meet the needs of our clients.

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Remote Training: A Flexible, Cost-Effective Long-Distance Route

When you’re introducing new software within your business, it’s vital that your workforce has a confident understanding of its applications and benefits. Comprehensive training is the key to embedding software applications within your business model, to ensure both value for money and increased productivity.

With the working world locked down with Covid-19, now is the ideal time to ensure your colleagues are fully trained in our software applications. Our remote training solutions are the ideal solution to the problem of training in lockdown, offering an engaging, interactive approach to learning that will maximize your colleagues’ understanding and use of the software.

Remote training also offers long-term training benefits once the world’s lockdown measures are eased. With greater flexibility and control over your team’s learning, you can customize your training schedule to respond to your business’s priorities, so that software knowledge can be firmly embedded in your long-term plans and day-to-day operations.

Secure Your Training Needs With Logicom E&P

To find out more about our remote training options and how Logicom E&P can work in partnership with your business to keep your employees up to speed, please get in touch today.

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