Logicom E & P Mining Software

Welcome to Logicom E&P

Logicom E&P has been developing and supporting software for the E&P industry for over 20 years. Our flagship products are REP - the industry-standard resource estimation software - and LogIC, a comprehensive petrophysical software suite with image, NMR, sonic waveform, and forward modelling capability.

In addition to these, Core Chopper is a utility for converting boxed core images into strips and Q-SCAL is a new product for loading, storing and analyzing all types of conventional and special core analysis data.


February 2017: latest LogIC 2.10 released.

January 2017: latest REP 5.41 released.

December 2013:  Corechop 2.10 released.

March 2011:  LogicomEP complete Q-SCAL geomechanical integration with Petris Recall.